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My name is Wella, host of Petite Beau. I love pink, pastel colors and everything that is cute. I love music. I play guitar. I’m a jack of all trades, hmmm.. master of some. :D

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  2. "But now I wake each day, looking for a way that I could see your face…"


  4. Ola! I haven’t been posting for a while but today I’m excited to share my recent vacation trip at Puerto Princesa, Palawan. This is to celebrate my 6th year with my awesome boyfie. Hopefully, I can give you some tips and pointers if some of you plan to have a vacation too!

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  5. "Somebody walked in. I was hoping it was you.. but it wasn’t."

  6. "No one knows half of what I do unless I trust you enough to let you know even a quarter of it."

  7. "Refusing reality is what makes you irrational."
    — Wella

  8. "Don’t break something unbreakable. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself the only casualty."
    — Wella

  9. ✿ 14.May.2014 ✿

    Quote of the Day


  10. ✿ 13.May.2014 ✿

    I Am SOooooo Back!

    Been really busy this past months and my last post was some Jurassic months ago. Oh well, it’s really hard to keep a blog and I feel really sorry for not posting that much lately.

    Well, a lot of things happened to me, I can even create a timeline of those but I won’t do that. If you’re curious though, well, I learned how to play DOTA and got really addicted to it. I’ve been watching too many series and yeah that took too much of my time too. lol. Maybe you’re thinking how unproductive my hiatus was. Haha! So here’s something productive, I’ve been busy finding my passion and just recently I found it! My friend and I (he’s kinda famous so I don’t want to disclose anything yet until it’s final) have been brewing “something”. And it requires a lot of writing and creativity so I’ve been busy researching and writing and studying (while playing about that “something”. 

    We’re almost there and I’m excited and I missed writing! I don’t even know why I gave it up. At least now, I’m trying to go back and do what I really love to do. And I’m happy. I’m learning a lot and I think that’s what’s important, right? I just hope that everything will be successful ‘cause I really have no choice. Haha! But of course, I always have contingency plans and as much as possible I always make sure that I’m two steps ahead in everything that I do. And I’m very confident with this project ‘cause I’m working with some awesome people. :)