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My name is Wella, host of Petite Beau. I love pink, pastel colors and everything that is cute. I love music. I play guitar. I’m a jack of all trades, hmmm.. master of some. :D

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  1. Playing with the lens. Imagining it was a whole DSLR. :D

    Taken during my friend’s photoshoot. Somewhere in Manila. Thanks to my sexy (according to her) friend, Mhel for capturing this.

    I love my hair here! LOL



  3. "But now I wake each day, looking for a way that I could see your face…"


  5. Ola! I haven’t been posting for a while but today I’m excited to share my recent vacation trip at Puerto Princesa, Palawan. This is to celebrate my 6th year with my awesome boyfie. Hopefully, I can give you some tips and pointers if some of you plan to have a vacation too!

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  6. "Somebody walked in. I was hoping it was you.. but it wasn’t."

  7. "No one knows half of what I do unless I trust you enough to let you know even a quarter of it."

  8. "Refusing reality is what makes you irrational."
    — Wella

  9. "Don’t break something unbreakable. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself the only casualty."
    — Wella

  10. ✿ 14.May.2014 ✿

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